"GTC generates a profound transformation in and among its participants. It is a grounded transformation - one that is quietly realized after the fact. This change happens at all levels of experience: a deep physical relaxation into presence, an emotional and interpersonal breaking open of the heart, a spiritual sea change and a behavioral transition to a new way of walking - individually and collectively - on the earth and in life." - Julia Smith, MD


GTC North America Enrollment Open

Join us for the transformative journey of a lifetime. Generating Transformative Change (GTC) is the only program of its kind – developing human consciousness and leadership, based on unique, evolving theories and practices of change, and grounded in long-term research.

Tide Turners Workshop

Imagine a life where every difficult conversation was rewarding and meaningful.
Imagine living in a world where your work and business deepen your relationship with yourself and others. Join Geoff Fitch and Joe Hudson in Seattle for a uniquely transformative and practical workshop.

Information Session

Curious about GTC? We invite you to find out more about our premier training program by listening to recordings of GTC Info Sessions held on Aug. 29th and Sept. 7th. Free access and no sign-up required.

Free Online Seminar Series

LIBERATING THE EMERGING FUTURE: Surprising Discoveries from 12 Years of Generating Transformative Change. This 3-session seminar series offered July - August 2017 covered some of the most surprising and game-changing ideas emerging in the world today in the field of personal and professional development.

Awakening the Future of Leadership

Our world is changing rapidly. In the midst of our ordinary lives, some of us feel a call to greater service. We sense that our current ways of thinking, acting, and relating don’t match the challenges we face. We see unjust and inhumane conditions in the world, but also signs of an awakening consciousness and potential for transformation. Never before have so many of us felt the need to serve in new ways, to evolve and lead. Do you feel your own call to greater leadership and expression?

At Pacific Integral, we support the emergence of a sustainable, equitable and beautiful future for humanity and all living things, by impacting human development, leadership, and social change at the emergent edge of consciousness and action.


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