Our Approach | Causal Leadership

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In all facets of human life, we are seeing a new consciousness and social order emerging. Compassionate, skillful, visionary individuals with an emerging global awareness are finding each other, building communication networks, and forming collaborative partnerships to bring about new more effective, sustainable and equitable approaches to human existence. We serve this emerging consciousness by convening and supporting extraordinary individuals who are ready to step into their fullness as practitioners and leaders.

Our approach is based on decades of combined experience in transformative education, psychology, business, research, information technology and contemplative practice. In our intent is to be profoundly agile with the flow of humanity and its consciousness, fresh and alive in accordance with the circumstances at hand. We offer transformative education, organizational consulting, leadership development, research, coaching, communities of practice, and written publications.

Since Pacific Integral’s inception in 2004, we have developed an unique and powerful approach to supporting the emergence of this new form of consciousness and action in the world that centers around five key dimensions:

Causal Leadership

An exciting expression of the emerging consciousness is a new form of visionary leadership, which is seated in a transpersonal intelligence, beyond personal ego, deeply authentic, integrated, open, intimate, and aware. In our work, worldwide, we embody and teach the qualities of causal leadership and grow our collective force for accelerated change, locally, nationally and globally, through collaborative action and shared presence. Causal Leadership does not consist of a set of simple techniques. It emerges out of a way of being, through which clear seeing, deep compassionate wisdom and spontaneous, collaborative action, naturally occur in any given moment.

Global Awareness and Intent

This new leadership is one grounded in universal perspective, illumined by a higher knowing. This begins with an understanding that we must live in a world that works for all human beings, that each of us should have our basic needs met, that we are founded in and abide in unconditional love and presence, and that our intentions and actions express this understanding. Arising out of this universal perspective, our approach is global, includes partners and collaborators from all over the world.

Evolutionary Spectrum of Human Development

Our research and the research of other developmental psychologists shows that as adults we can continue to evolve in consciousness. We are practiced in mentoring individuals, groups, organizations and global systems in this developmental approach, and particularly focus on later stages of development, providing support for their unique and potent contribution to the world. Through our own continual evolutionary learning processes, we discover and offer concrete ways to actively and effectively support our collective evolution across cultures and systems, worldwide.

Community and Collective Intelligence

Causal Leadership requires a reorientation in awareness that combines both deep, personal authenticity in relationship and universal care for all of creation. At Pacific Integral, we encourage individuals to develop and expand their unique offering in the world, and paradoxically to release the ego in favor of a deeper listening into all levels of collective intelligence, including opening into the ground of being itself. As a result individuals form deep lasting friendship with others who become future collaborators on inspired transformational developments worldwide.

Transformative Collaborative Action

It is essential that we meet the world as it is and express our deepest realizations now in the form of service and action in the world. Through this service we all can engage in implementation, creative change, seeing what is needed, caring and acting to relieve suffering and increase joy, love, wholeness, happiness and wellbeing to all beings. By grounding in our deepest understanding, allowing the pure creativity arising from the ground of being, including all of our diverse contributions, and our collective intelligence, new, more whole forms of human action rapidly emerge.