What We Do


In Service to our Vision, we offer the following forms of engagement with us:


We have designed and conducted innovative transformative education programs, mentoring, and coaching that enable deep shifts in consciousness and action. Our willingness and ability to respond fluidly and to create new design interventions in the moment allow us to remain relevant to the needs of our participants and clients in personal and practical ways. Thus we teach the latest in transformative evolutionary leadership through theory, practice, experience and through embodiment of it.


Based on our developmental research, we offer some of the most current and practical information on how advanced stages of consciousness appear and how to help individuals, organizations, cultures and societies grow in their maturity, their awareness and their ability to transform the multi-dimensional realities of complex systems. Through her research, Pacific Integral founder, Dr. Terri O’Fallon has uncovered what she calls the StAGEs model of human development. This model provides a unique and powerful frame through which to enact new forms of leadership development and social change.


In our vision to be of service to our collective future, we value ease of access to much of our knowledge, research and experience. Thus we continue to provide a library of articles, research findings, podcasts, videos, and tele-seminars, available to the public at no charge.

Capacity building

We work with individuals and organizations to develop capacity for greater transformative impact, leadership, creativity and effectiveness.


We support and enact direct action in the world to bring about change.


We support the development of community of practice, knowledge exchange, collaboration, collective wisdom.


We invest in creative collaboration with partners who share a common vision and philosophy.