Deepening the Well 2017 GTC Grad Retreat

6-day deep dive into advanced GTC experience, learning, and practice.

CANCELLED: September 1 – 6, 2017 | Whidbey Institute


Join us this fall for a powerful week of renewal, deepening, and vitalizing your experience, learning and practice.

For years, graduates of GTC have asked us, what’s next? How can I take this work more deeply into the world? Many of you told us that you feel like you just got started with GTC and want to take this work deeper into yourself and your life.

We have designed this retreat to be a springboard for that deepening. The learning and experience we will engage with will not repeat but will build on what we do in GTC and will be focused to meet you where you are in your own life and growth now. As we are witnessing a world of extraordinary uncertainty and potential, now is the time to come together and liberate our own capacity to meet it more powerfully. We are excited to explore the further reaches of a life that is naturally awakened, creative and reverent as we learn together how to meet and co-create the world that wants to emerge now.


Why attend?

  • Expand and explore the edges of your own consciousness, heart, and spirit.
  • Come into a deeper relationship with the Earth, our Human family, and what Spirit is calling you to at this time.
  • Develop, ground and engage your intention to make your life and work an expression of your essential truth.
  • Learn how to bring the perspectives and practices you gained in GTC further into life.
  • Gain a grounded understanding of the Causal/MetAware stages and practical tools for navigating them.
  • Explore and release what is limiting you in your life right now.
  • Reconnect, commune, experience the joy of this spacious, reverent, celebratory community.
  • Become refreshed, renewed, transformed.


What will the retreat include?

  • Intensive meditation and body practice each day
  • Exploration of causal and non-dual states of consciousness
  • Deep and practical learning on life in the MetAware stages
  • Individual and collective shadow work
  • Incubation of your deep calling arising out the stillness at your center
  • Opportunity for individual support and coaching
  • Collective intimacy and authenticity practice
  • Plenty of time for retreat, reflection and personal clarity
  • Daily time to be outside and explore the Whidbey forest land
  • Dance, play, and connect in the light of community



Deepening the Well will takes place at the Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island, an hour’s drive from the Seattle airport. If you attended the grad reunion last year, you know what a beautiful and nourishing place the Whidbey Institute is, located on over 100 acres of protected forest land with a rich history of transformative learning and social change. Your stay at the Whidbey Institute provides you with everything you need, including semi-private accommodations, delicious local organic meals and snacks, and use of the retreat facility grounds including sanctuary, labyrinth, sauna, hiking trails and gardens.

Cost to Attend

There are two costs to attend: the registration for the retreat and the accommodations at the Whidbey Institute.

We are offering a sliding scale fee to attend the retreat. Based on our planning, we suggest a range of $1200 to $2500 and will meet our budget if we get a mixture of registrations in that range. If you would like to attend and cannot afford that, let us know. If we reach certain enrollment goals, we will be able to accommodate you. If you can afford a higher amount, please choose it, as that allows others to attend who would not otherwise be able to. Even though the ticket says, "Donate," the registration fee is not tax deductible.

Retreat registration does not include airfare or other travel costs, accommodations or meals for the retreat. Room and meals costs at the Whidbey Institute vary based on housing selection, and generally range between $687 - $807 for the retreat, including tax.


The core faculty team for the retreat will be Geoff Fitch, Terri O'Fallon, and Abigail Lynam, with support from Holly Harlan.


To register for the retreat, simply purchase a ticket on this page. We will email you with details and a link to register for the Whidbey Institute accommodations when we get closer to the retreat.


Contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the retreat!