Body, Breath & Spirit

a three day intensive retreat

with Venita Ramirez, MA & Geoff Fitch, MA
at Big House Lodge in Cle Elum, WA

Join Us for a Thrilling Encounter with Your Awakened, Embodied Self!

Body, Breath & Spirit is an enlivening and intimate journey that will revitalize your life and liberate the joyful, awake Spirit at the core of your Being. This heart of truth at your core is who you have known yourself to be all along. Discover this self and allow it to come into joyful expression through your body, your energy, and in relationship with courageous and vibrant others who are drawn to similar inquiry and exploration.


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Through dynamic breathing, movement, sound, small and large group discussion you will:

  • Release chronic patterns of contraction in the body, breath, emotions, and mind.
  • Learn to discern and honor the truth of your life, your desires and your boundaries.
  • Heal wounds that have held you back. Discover greater compassion and forgiveness.
  • Explore expanded states of consciousness that are the essence of your being.
  • Experience and share ecstatic pleasure and deep peace at your core.
  • Learn how to sustain yourself in relationships and groups.
  • Gain new practices to continue opening and grounding after you leave.
  • Encounter the everlasting freedom at the core of your being.
  • Have fun and enjoy deep exploration in a safe and beautiful space.
Retreat Topics
  • Body/Mind Connection
  • Energy Centers
  • Grounding and Presence
  • Identifying your Energy Signature or Unique Quality of Presence
  • Breathing Practices to Release Chronic Patterns
  • Allowing Subtle Energy Flow
  • Concrete, Subtle and Causal Boundaries
  • Relationship Refinement
  • Letting Go/Emotional Release
  • Awareness Expansion

Retreat Format

  • Guided Meditation and Breathing Practices
  • Group Dialogue
  • Movement & Sound
  • Journaling & Art
  • Time in Nature
  • Exercises in Pairs and Triads
  • Ecstatic Dance and Play
  • Time Alone and in Nature



What Participants Are Saying:

"Venita and Geoff are both incredible facilitators of healing growth and learning. I would do this workshop again and I would recommend it." LB

"It was very powerful for me. I am so grateful. Thank you both so much for all your care, heart and presence!" KB

"Amazing, deep, deep soul opening. Unexpected." LD

"I love the blending of your work together. The participants who show up for you are a testament to the amazing quality of your work. I would do it again." LJ


Geoff Fitch and Venita Ramirez each have practiced, led and taught transformative approaches to liberating mind, body, emotion and spirit for decades.

Partners with Pacific Integral, they developed and co-lead the nine month Generating Transformative Change program and have many years experience with adult consciousness development, meditation and group process. Both have graduate Psychology degrees and extensive training in body and energy work to free physical, emotional and mental blocks to achieve greater aliveness, wholeness, connection and well-being.

Join us for a thrilling encounter with your awakened, embodied self in Body, Breath, & Spirit at the beautiful Big House Lodge in Cle Elum, WA., about an hour and a half drive east of Seattle. Feel the ground, access your creativity, empower your potential, open your heart, liberate your spirit, and connect with the people and world around you, in this whole body, whole self retreat.