Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this demand of me between sessions?

This simple answer is that you can plan on five to 10 hours per week. The inter-session period is a time to apply the learning through practice, daily inquiry, and field projects. You will have additional learning, through reading and online study, online community connections, coaching conversations, and cohort conference calls.

A critical success factor for the inter-sessions is to connect the learning to your present life and work challenges and opportunities. The more you can connect the learning to what you are doing outside the program, the easier and more supportive the program will be.

I am already in or considering a graduate program. Is this compatible?

Participants often consider GTC when they are in or considering a graduate program. We have had participants in the program while they are completing Masters or Ph.D. programs. Often the draw to GTC is a desire to complement a more academic program with something that involves more applied, embodied learning. GTC is quite compatible and complementary to graduate academic programs.

What if I don't consider myself a leader?

While we often use the word, 'Leadership' to describe the GTC program, doing so is not without its perils. Leadership is a word that means different things to different people and can touch on personal experiences that are not always positive. Needless to say, a review of the meaning of leadership exposes a rich territory that certainly includes people who make an impact who don't consider themselves to be a leader, but who in the eyes of others have exercised great leadership. We invite you to consider your own impulse to make a difference and to express yourself as an impulse towards your own personal kind of leadership and to view your feelings about the word as an opportunity for reflection.

Is this a personal or professional development program?

It is both. We believe that our personal development and professional development are inseparable. When invoking leadership, we are bringing all of who we are as people, which includes our inner capacities and character, as well as our understanding and skills we bring to our work in the world. Many participants attend GTC to further their professional work and have their employers sponsor their participation. At the same time, the program is deeply personal and participants should anticipate a greater level of intimacy and inner exploration than they find in a typical professional development program.

Where do participants come from?

Previous cohorts have included participants from: The United States, Canada, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Palestine, New Zealand, England, Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, Suriname, and South Africa.

More questions? Please email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.