About GTC South Pacific

GTC (Generating Transformative Change) has received worldwide acclaim from both graduates and leadership professionals for its unique combination of concepts and practices. Our faculty bring decades of experience in education, psychology, business, leadership and adult development. Participants range in age from their 20's to 60's and attend from all over the world, exchanging ideas, learning from experience and sharing deep commonalities and wisdom.

According to research measures, our graduates leave our program leading, being, embodying and acting on average from one to two later stages of development than when they started. These later stages combine steady mindfulness of inner states, natural ability to see from multiple perspectives, altruism, new levels of creativity, and greater authenticity. These new ways of thinking and seeing allow participants to move through their personal and professional lives with fresh eyes and greater ease, while remaining in integrity with what is kind, just and true.

Listen to a recent GTC South Pacific graduate.

The GTC Curriculum incorporates a many-faceted approach to learning, including leading cognitive theory, experiential learning and supported experiments in new ways of being and affecting transformation. The curriculum is designed with awareness of the ‘interior’ dimensions, including intention, worldview, purpose, vision, values, and cultural norms. The curriculum also addresses ‘exterior’ or visible dimensions, such as behaviors, organizational structures, systems, and processes.

Outcomes of GTC include:

  • Natural release into a larger sense of your Self and your capacities
  • Experience in leading powerful processes for transforming collective consciousness
  • Improved skill in conflict resolution, coaching and change management through an understanding of the leading researched-based framework on adult levels of development and evolution
  • Greater personal presence expressed in life and work
  • Transforming deeply held worldviews, assumptions, values, and long-standing habits
  • Deeper, more authentic, and powerful communication, personally and professionally
  • Greater ability to collaborate and develop connections and community
  • Increased capacity to understand and shift perspectives, improving your ability to influence others towards positive change
  • Greater trust in internal wisdom and guidance for decision-making and problem-solving
  • Increased creativity and innovative thinking in life and work
  • Access to a global collaborative community of transformative leaders

If you are no longer satisfied with traditional models of authority, if you are ready for a paradigm shift in collaboration and leadership that accounts for a growing diversity of worldviews, values, assumptions, languages and challenges in an interwoven, globally-informed economy, GTC might be right for you.

GTC will transform your consciousness while helping you gain the skills and vision to act creatively and collaboratively in our rapidly changing world.

We invite you to join us.