Program Structure

GTC is an innovative, multifaceted approach to individual and collective expansion and transformation. It consists of a core 9-month Leadership Intensive program, followed by an optional cohort-led application phase. As you progress through the program, you take on greater leadership and responsibility for the process. Each cohort has a maximum of 16 members, and meets in retreat four times over the course of the program. Participants successfully completing the core program become eligible to apply to be a Mentor for a future cohort.

The Program Includes

  • Self-inquiry: Deep questions, facilitated throughout the program, designed to reveal the structure of our experience and our internal wisdom.
  • Community of practice: Dialog and exploration of experience between participants that deepens the understanding and application of the learning.
  • Reflection and coaching: Use of powerful questions and reflective inquiry by facilitators helps participants to examine their structure of interpretation, allowing a more consistent positive impact and improved communications and strategy.
  • Cognitive study: Gain knowledge and practice in theories and research of Wilber, Torbert, Kegan, Cook-Greuter, Senge, Scharmer, Robertson, O’Fallon and others. Learn proven leading edge approaches for powerfully intervening in complex systems
  • Action Learning Projects: Advance yourself in your particular area of interest through actual experiments in between retreats.

"In my global survey of generative change agent development programs, I have found so far very few programs that address as thoroughly and effectively the development needs of change agents as GTC does. I am particularly impressed by the attention given to the participants' selection process to ensure that the program is a good fit for them at this time in their life, and by the way a number of leading-edge integral approaches are woven together to make them relevant for each individual. The international and sectorial mix of the participants as well as faculty's willingness to evolve the design over time are also factors that account for the high quality of this action-learning experience."

 Alain Gauthier, Executive Director of Core Leadership Development

GTC Leadership Intensives

The core of the Leadership Intensive is four residential retreats, complemented by inter-session work between each retreat. Your learning begins before the first intensive with reading on some of the basic conceptual underpinnings of the program. At this time you also will take the StAGES MAP to help you assess your current stage in development.

Between intensive retreats, you will be assigned reading and you will develop specific action research experiments related to your personal and leadership area of interests. You will discuss concepts and receive support from your cohort on-line. You'll meet with other members of your cohort for peer coaching and collaboration on collective leadership experiments.  You will also write a short paper to bring your individual learning back to one another in the cohort, thus maximizing the collective intelligence, expertise and experience.The learning is comprised of conceptual and experiential content, and is grounded in applicability.

After completion of the leadership intensive, you will become part of the ongoing GTC graduate community, which is a vibrant community of leaders and practitioners worldwide, and your cohort may elect to continue to practice and work together. Many past cohorts have designed follow on retreats and projects and have stayed in touch for years.

Graduate Opportunities

In addition to self-created and organized inter and intra cohort projects, graduates may participate in community events in person or on-line.  As a graduate you will be eligible to join advanced graduate programs such as Living Vessel, you can re-take GTC at a reduced tuition rate, and you may apply to be an alumni mentor for another cohort. Mentors both retake the program and support new participants. Many people say the learning is deeper the second time through because the process and material can be viewed with a greater degree of awareness and objectivity.

Learning Topics in the GTC Program

Partial List of Skills and Focus Areas, subject to change:

Causal Leadership

  • Group Facilitation and Collective Transformation
  • Developing Awareness of Concrete, Subtle and Causal Fields
  • Cultivating and Utilizing Collective Intelligence
  • Creating Liberating Structures to Facilitate Evolution
  • Mining and Facilitating Simplicity In the Midst of Complexity
  • Integrating Global and Inter-systemic Awareness
  • Developing Flexibility with Multiple and Infinite Perspectives
  • Responding Skillfully to What Is Needed in Any Given Moment

Transformative Personal Practice

  • Self-Reflection, Self-Inquiry and Self-Awareness
  • Using Knowledge of Your Own Level of Development to Determine Next Steps
  • Meditation and Silent Retreat Practice
  • Concrete, Subtle and Causal Awareness Practices
  • Personal Shadow Work
  • Authentic Self Expression and communication
  • Identifying and Working with Personal Growing Edges

Collective Evolution & Integration

  • Stage Development of Groups, Communities and Systems
  • Communication, Dialogue, and Second Tier Conversations
  • Group Fields - Concrete, Subtle, Causal
  • Second Tier Practices of Paradoxes of Group Life
  • Identifying and Working with Group Shadow
  • Creating New Knowledge - Mining Collective Intelligence

Applied Theory

  • Ground-breaking research on Developmental Theory
  • Foundational and Advanced Integral Learning (AQAL)
  • Integral Assessment using the Eight Perspectives
  • Researched Stages of Meditation
  • 2nd Tier Governance
  • Inquiry and analysis

We invite you to join us.