What participants are saying...


"Coming to GTC and joining the hearts, minds and souls I found there was for me like finding the last oasis in the desert... An Oasis of possibilities, of good, of opportunities, of challenge, of greatness, of kindness, of brilliance... to just be who I am without shame or pride. I just am. I am so grateful to be part of it. Again, it is still an Oasis of all that and more, but only for the hearts that are ready to believe, ready to stay open, ready to question, ready to be answered, ready not to be answered… It is for hearts that are ready for transformation...."

Yene Assegid 

"The GTC programme has provided a context for who I am and how I do things. [It also] has challenged my thinking around the types of leadership that are possible. As a consultant, I have received some fascinating tools, especially the Integral Framework, that will help me as I expand my work and expanding business. I feel that I have been introduced to new concepts and sources of knowledge that are the beginning of a journey into this field of Integral studies... As a coach who works with leaders, I see the need for leaders to develop more authenticity, more Emotional Intelligence, and a practice of self reflection and awareness so that they can step back and notice the impact of their behaviours on people. I feel the GTC programme provides the space to do this."

Sheetal Shah 

"Through GTC, I have met an extraordinary group of forward thinking human beings with heart, who excel in their respective fields and hold the highest standards of integrity and responsibility to their self, their community and to the planet. I've not found a sustained community of this caliber in my 20 years of participation in learning communities. The faculty combine research-based theory and embodied practice with an accepting, spacious, deep and finely-tuned field of intentioned presence and awareness. This field of awareness has provided me the safety, courage and confidence to step out and find the capacity and the edges of all of the potential I intuitively felt was within me. My life is changing and unfolding with greater ease than I had ever imagined, in large part, because I have the dedicated encouragement, validation and reflection of this amazing collective of remarkable people from around the world."

Venita Ramirez 

"GTC has allowed me to see my strengths in all new ways, helping me to practically and powerfully bring my greatness to my role as a leader, friend, and social change agent. The program has also given me permission to compassionately embrace my weaknesses with a sense of pride, humility and hope. The program's balance between challenge and support has invited me to grow individually, as a member of a learning community, and as a member of the universal community of existence."

Jason Kerber 

"My professional career as an engineer and project manager had provided all of the opportunity and more that I had hoped for as a student. However after many years launching new products and managing programs that spanned the globe, I still found myself unsatisfied, but not really sure why. My search to find answers to these questions and feelings ultimately led me to the program for generating transformative change and the Pacific Integral team. The integral teachings and awareness that the program has kindled within me has changed my outlook and approach to life."

Seamus Conlan ~ GTC 3

"As I developed my capacity to look at any "system" through a new set of lenses, from an individual, organization, community or country, I realized I was beginning to alter the way in which I would operate in the world. This process wasn't going to be about an individual set of methodologies to apply but rather an expanded worldview of possibilities and an embodied way of being and behaving. Individual transformational change discovered in a learning community accelerated the process ten-fold establishing a new development level for the individual and the collective."

Jo Fjellman ~ GTC 2


"My experience with GTC has been a living transformation.

Before enrolling in GTC, I was professionally “burnt out”, disengaged with life, and looking for how I was going to jumpstart new aspirations, work with enthusiasm, realize goals, and not burn out again! I needed a new strategy for leveraging my past successes for a more innovative future. From the first retreat, where I met with key Pacific Integral leaders and my new found friends and colleagues, to our current ongoing collaboration, I have accomplished and continue to achieve success developing and integrating my personal and professional capacities for building an aspiring lifestyle. Thank you GTC!"

Vicki Lundin Taylor 

"Pacific Integral's GTC program is unique in that it offers a truly experiential learning experience that enables participants to go beyond the AQAL map and to literally embody many of its key components.  The GTC program truly integrates the body, mind and spirit (in terms of both the "I" and the "We") and it fosters a very dynamic and co-creative learning environment for all."

Barbara Larisch


"What drew me to the program was the opportunity to apply integral studies to real-world needs in the company of other committed learners. I was looking forward to working with an amazing group of people, but I don't think I realized how big a vision Pacific Integral has for the reach of this work. It is inspiring... and contageous! I think we've all stretched beyond where we thought we could go. I am extremely grateful to be bringing the power of an integral approach to life, in such good company."

Kim Frerichs

"In GTC, I have found rich personal connections as well as tools that support my creative work in the world to be of service to others. These new relationships have served as a catalyst and as a connection to additional people and other enriching opportunities. The tools and processes provided enhance my understanding of the "soup" where I find myself, stretching what I am doing into a larger world view."

Elisa Sabatini

"In the context of true honesty and integrity and a deep caring for life,­ its beauty, wonder and possibility, ­ GTC is a place where I am ever more learning to become fully human. The crucible of GTC challenges me to take all that I am working with out into the world....it is about embodying presence, collectively and as individuals."

Katie Teague

"GTC - the program and its faculty - generates a profound transformation in and among its participants.  It is a grounded transformation - one that is quietly realized after the fact. This 'change of form' happens at all levels of experience: a deep physical relaxation into presence, an emotional and interpersonal breaking open of the heart, a spiritual sea change and a behavioral transition to a new way of walking - individually and collectively - on the earth and in life."

Julia Smith, M.D.

"I left GTC with more hope for the world, and a determination to reach my full potential. Since then I have witnessed the growth of One Vibe, my non-profit, and my professional growth in other institutions that I have worked with.  I have become more aware of my actions, and how I affect people around me. I have found myself turning tense and hopeless situations to healing moments. I am learning to respect life and everything that I share it with, which makes me a humble, but stronger person. My favorite thing about GTC is that the majority of people will be 100% honest with you, which makes it one of the safest social circles. You can create projects that fail, make mistakes in your personal life, but someone will still come out to support you the way you are. That I think only happens in the GTC community, which I think presents an ideal example of what can be possible when people live in love."

Simon Okelo

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