Debriefing STAGES Assessments

for Coaches, Counselors, and Consultants
June - November, 2017 - Watch for 2018 Dates
Six Online Sessions with Terri O'Fallon, PhD
Tuition: $2000


  1. STAGES In-Depth or one of the shorter STAGES workshops offered by our global partners plus a four session online theory seminar, STAGES Back-Stage STAGES Assessment and
  2. STAGES Assessment and Debrief completed within the last year.

STAGES Debrief is designedpals for you if you are a coach, counselor, consultant or other human development professional who wants to offer your clients the benefit of a developmental understanding, through a direct application of the STAGES Assessment. As an alternative to sending your client to us for both the assessment and the debriefing, you could learn to do the debriefing yourself. This six-month online training builds on the foundations you gained in STAGES In-Depth and equips you to introduce the STAGES Assessment to clients. At the end of the training you have an opportunity to be certified to debrief clients on their STAGES Assessment and to assist them to integrate the learning from it into their lives. This certification is required to debrief the results with your clients.

STAGES Debrief is available to anyone who has completed STAGES In-Depth or one of the STAGES workshops offered by our global partners plus STAGES Back-Stage, an online theory course.  You must also have a coaching certificate, a spiritual direction certificate, a psychotherapy or counseling certification, or verified long-term coaching/mentoring experience.


By the end of the course you will be able to

  • read a scored STAGES assessment,
  • understand the stages that the client expressed in the assessment, and
  • plan how to debrief with the client including opening, rapport, confidentiality, inquiry, recommendations, appropriate practicing within the session, and closing.

Dates: One Monday a month June - November
June 26, July 24, Aug 14 (changed from 21st to 14th), Sept 11, Oct 23, and Nov 20
5:30 - 7:00 pm pst

Materials: A Debriefing Handbook which can be used for consultation throughout the course, including the rubric, which is a map of the territory you must be competent in and which will be used to determine certification.


  • One live online seminar each month for 6 months with faculty. This will include teaching debriefing methodology, demonstrating debriefing sessions, responding to questions, and practicing.
  • Weekly revolving buddy practice
    • First week exchange assessment reports and plan debrief.
    • Second week first buddy debriefs the second buddy, live online, recording the debrief. Second buddy critiques the debrief by using the rubric as a guide, and sends to first buddy.
    • Third week second buddy debriefs the first buddy live online, recording the debrief. First buddy critiques the debrief by using the rubric as a guide, and sends to second buddy.
    • Fourth week review critiques with each other and prep questions for live session the following week.
    • Each month you will shift to a new buddy and start this process over again for 6 total debriefs
      The videos will be advanced to faculty for review and feedback will be offered when additional guidance is needed.
  • Online Forum for sharing insights, struggles, questions. Faculty will be participating in these forums to support participants of the course.
  • Final exam: Each participant will record the debrief of a new client that they have recruited. The debrief will follow the guidelines and the rubric in the Debriefing Handbook. Faculty will score the final debriefs using the rubric as our guide. Meeting the requirements in this exam will qualify you for a STAGES Debriefing Certification.


Terri O'Fallon, PhD

Founding Partner at Pacific Integral, Terri is a specialist in transformative learning and change in human systems and in distance learning. She has over 25 years of experience working with many different kinds of human systems, including business, community, educational and political. Her specialty is the design and implementation of the core developmental trajectory and span of human systems. Terri developed the STAGES model and introduced it first to the Pacific Integral community in 2014.

Register on-line to hold your seat at the lowest available rate then download, complete and submit the application. Once your application is approved, if you have not completed a STAGES Assessment and Debrief within the last year, we will send you a link for a reduced rate ($550) STAGES Assessment and Debrief.  If your application is not approved, we will refund your full tuition.