Introducing STAGES

STAGES is a recent theory and assessment methodology for human development, created by Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D., grown out of her decades of experience in Education and years of research on development at Pacific Integral. This new model reveals important new understandings about how human beings grow throughout life and helps us each make sense of where we are in our development, personally and professionally. Practically, it gives us a road map for our individual and collective, human potential.

STAGES grows out of a deep history of research into human development and has been statistically grounded to correlate with the most widely-used and researched test of adult human development. Thus, we can rely on STAGES's validity, while benefiting from its new insights. STAGES validates three new, later stages of development; it is the first integrally based model, incorporating quadrants, states, lines and types. As such, STAGES is the first statistical confirmation of Ken Wilber’s integral theory. It reveals a natural sequence of deep "vertical" structures, as well as iterating, wave-like patterns of development.

Explore STAGES

STAGES Assessment

Receive your own personalized STAGES Assessment and optional coaching session to discover your core developmental level, themes, challenges and growing edges. Gain a picture of where you are in your developmental path and what is next for you.

STAGES Training

Join us this year for one or more of our STAGES Training programs to gain a deep understanding of the developmental framework and its application. If you are joining us for GTC this year, consider starting your journey with STAGES training.

STAGES and Generating Transformative Change

STAGES grew out of years of research and practice with human development at the core of our Generating Transformative Change program (GTC). GTC provides a profound journey of waking up, growing up, and embodying an approach to life that is empowering, intimate, authentic, collaborative, ever-evolving, and transformational on small and large scales. STAGES is one of the core frameworks we apply in GTC.