STAGES Training

This year, we warmly invite you to consider joining us for one or more workshops on the new STAGES theory and assessment methodology, a comprehensive model of human development based on research, and presented by Terri O'Fallon Ph.D.

STAGES maps the actual and potential developmental trajectory of human consciousness throughout life. STAGES reveals iterating patterns in human development, offers you a clear and detailed view of development of consciousness, and provides a comprehensive road map for any individual's present and future growth in complexity and awareness. This year we are offering some unique programs to learn more about this stunning new theoretical and practical work on human development.


Foundational Training


June 13-17, 2017 in Clinton, WA

STAGES In-Depth is a four and a half day, residential training and a full immersion into the STAGES model. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, observational techniques, embodied practice and fieldwork, you will receive a thorough introduction to this unique map of human consciousness development. We encourage you to complete a STAGES assessments offered at a discounted rate of $350 to all workshop participants and learn how your own level of development shapes the meaning you make, what you feel, and how you act.

STAGES for Educators

February 4-5, 2017 in Bothell, WA

STAGES for Educators is all about learning to apply the STAGES adult development model to teaching and learning and improving student outcomes. STAGES is a research-based framework that reveals important new understandings about how human beings grow throughout life. It helps us support and maximize our students’ learning and development, as well as make sense of where we are in our own personal and professional development as educators.


STAGES Back-Stage

Four Online Sessions:  Monday evenings -  March 6-27, 2017

STAGES Back-Stage is a four-session online seminar that takes you through the theoretical underpinnings of the STAGES model. STAGES is a theory situated between grounded developmental research and practice, and the Integral theory developed by Ken Wilber. STAGES links the Integral theory with the Loevinger-Cook Greuter model. From this linkage, we can highlight the developmental stages from birth through the latest stages with research.



Advanced Training

STAGES Debriefing - for Coaches, Counselors, and Consultants

Six session Online Seminars
Pre-requisite: StAGES In-depth or one of the shorter STAGES workshops offered by our global partners plus a four session online theory seminar, STAGES Back STAGE

June - November 2017 (APPLICATIONS OPEN)

STAGES Debrief is designed for experienced coaches, counselors, consultants and other human service professionals who want to offer their clients the benefits of a developmental understanding through the STAGES Assessment. This six-month online training builds on the foundations gained in STAGES In-Depth and equips you to introduce the STAGES Assessment to clients and to help them integrate it into their self-understanding. At the end of the training you have an opportunity to be certified to debrief clients on their STAGES Assessment and to assist them to integrate the learning from it into their lives.


STAGES Scoring - From Technique to Art

Distance learning

Pre-requisite: StAGES In-depth or one of the shorter STAGES workshops offered by our global partners plus a four session online theory seminar, STAGES Back STAGE

STAGES Scoring Training will not be available in 2017

STAGES Scoring is a year-long training and practicum in scoring and writing the STAGES Assessment. This training provides an opportunity to become a certified STAGES Analyst and to provide assessments for clients. Participants in this training will acquire a deeper embodied mastery of the STAGES model and learn how these research-based patterns of consciousness are expressed in behavior and language. Participants will learn how to evaluate an individual's developmental level and will learn how to identify and offer themes and suggestions for next steps in development that directly meet and address client’s concerns.

We have already received strong interest in this training, and space is limited. Participants will be required to complete a minimum of a year of training that includes attending the five-day STAGES In-Depth training in person; weekly scoring practice and phone calls. Once certified you will join a community of practice to continue learning and you will complete a continuing education requirement to maintain certification. The training is currently being offered by invitation only to select participants who complete STAGES In-Depth. You are welcome to be in touch with questions or to indicate your interest by clicking the button below to email us.