What people are saying...

"There are many wonderful approaches to understanding human development and the evolution of meaning-making. But forced to choose one, I would give my recommendation to the StAGES assessment and the team at Pacific Integral. Their grasp of identity growth over the lifespan is unmatched in both the psychological and spiritual dimensions. Further, their model is deeply grounded in the work of Ken Wilber and Integral Theory, while extending and sharpening those insights in novel and impressive ways. Whether you are seeking a professional-level understanding of how people change over time, or a personal assessment to guide your own growth-process, the StAGES approach will serve you deeply. "

Mark Forman, PhD. Author, A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy and Lead Instructor, the Certified Integral Psychotherapist (CIT) Professional Training Program

"As a founding member of the Integral Institute, a founding teacher at the Integral Spiritual Center and as a part of the StAGES research team it is clear to me that in unparalleled ways StAGES honors, weaves together, and builds on Ken Wilber’s integral theory and the work of Jane Lovenger and Susanne Cook-Greuter on stages of human development. Through StAGES, Dr. Terri O’Fallon has developed the cutting edge theoretical and practical approach to provide the world the best means yet to understand, measures and pursue the interrelated quest of growing up and waking up into the highest reaches of human potential."

John Kesler 

"I have been working with the MAP/StAGES model for many years and find the assessments and underlying theory to be invaluable in working with leaders to better understand themselves and improve their effectiveness. When leaders understand their center of gravity and can assess others, they are able to modulate their leadership approach and communication style to resonate with those being led. This understanding and ability to adjust can significantly improve the leader’s ability to deliver against the organization’s mission."

Maureen Metcalf CEO, Metcalf & Associates, Inc.

"When looking at what you see, and seeing what you are looking at becomes an important part of who you are, few have been able to include language as an important clue for holding such an Inquiry. While holding this lightly, the tensegrity between resilience and robustness in Terri' devotional work has contributed significantly to my own ongoing inquiry about trusting trustworthiness. Terri' work makes such an endeavour potentially generative, allowing staying with not knowing, and enables all that accompanies the experience of that, and the nuances and distinctions we find there, increasingly closer to now."

Jean Trudel

"Do you have a team you feel can develop greatly but don’t yet know the means to greatness? Do you need to grow your own capability to meet the dynamics of this time? Have you seen your own perspective grow, or seen it’s limitation, but don’t know why?  I’ve used the StAGES/MAP as a CEO, of a $750MM company, to grow my own capacity and our senior team to meet VUCA complexity as our Business expanded to achieve the complex adaptations we needed to grow personal and business vitality. It works in ways unimaginable. Do it."

David Ford, Former CEO, CareOregon

"Terri's work brings the opportunity to appreciate the stages of ego development in a different register - beyond the usual cognitive way of knowing, Terri puts within our reach a heart and body sense, of our individual and universal becoming, in StAGES, a way to connect in which is at once accessible, and expansive."

Trish Nowland

"I have been privileged to study closely with Terri as she has been developing her StAGES work and that process has been and continues to be like staring out through the diamond eyes of countless individuals. When we learn to look through the perspectives of others by this lens, the world that is revealed is one of harmony and majesty, replete with all of the suffering and sadness and joy and wisdom that it is to be human.  I have found over the years that the leading benefit I derive from an enriched understanding of these stages of development is an increased capacity for compassion through insight into myself and into the others with whom I engage."

Kabir Kadre