Pacific Integral is committed to ongoing research into the nature and dynamics of transformative growth in consciousness and leadership. We support the programs we offer with research related to the development of the participants who have engaged with us, and investigate the deeper structures of development.

We have participated primarily in two kinds of research over the past number of years: 1) Longitudinal research on the developmental growth of our participants and 2) Developmental research on the stages themselves, which includes a new theory about development, a new assessment system, and research on the latest levels of development. We have been doing continuing research with our cohorts of participants, since our founding, and have learned a great deal about the developmental spectrum, leadership, and the ways people actually develop through time. This research has been a great supporter for the evolution of the programs we offer and has contributed to other developmental work, worldwide.

We engage in long-term research with each of our GTC cohorts. This includes developmental assessments, prior to the program as well as continued follow-up assessments that occur every two years. Additionally, we observe and ground our assessments with these observations throughout the program and in many cases after the program completes.


This research has enabled us to examine the dynamics and process of developmental growth, as well as ground an understanding of the developmental levels in real, embodied form, and to gain a much more nuanced understanding of what human growth is.

We investigate areas of developmental theory that includes patterns of development themselves, the relationship between stages of development and states of consciousness, and later stages of development.


This has resulted in a new theory of development, which incorporates elements of integral theory including a new assessment system. Much of this theory and practice is still under research. The research studies to date are


  1. Integral theoretical research which underpins the developmental research.
  2. A research study replicating the Cook-Greuter MAP Sentence Completion Test with the STAGES assessment system.
  3. An inter-rater study which determines that scorers can inter-rate appropriately and validating the capacity to teach scorers to score.
  4. The research supporting two new later levels of development, adding to the two later levels developed by Cook-Greuter.

More descriptions and studies are forthcoming.


Visit our free Member Resources area for several papers and articles describing this research, our initial results and new theoretical understandings.


For more information on our research projects and results, please contact Terri O'Fallon Ph.D., Research Director.