About Pacific Integral

Pacific Integral is a developer of educational and social change technologies and a global community of leaders and practitioners of transformative change. We aim to support the emergence of a sustainable, equitable and beautiful future for humanity and all of creation. We believe that humanity is in the midst of a profound period of change, and that addressing the opportunities of our time require that we embrace universal human values and ethical action, awaken to and engage in our evolutionary potential, and enact more conscious, integral forms of leadership and collective action in the world, grounded in our deepest wisdom. To this end, we endeavor to impact human development, leadership, and social change at the emergent edge of consciousness and action.

Who We Serve

We serve individuals and organizations who see their life and work as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the future of our world. Our clients are curious and committed. They know they are evolving as people and tend to already have experience in their own development. Our individual clients have a passion for their own growth and for engaging in life deeply and ethically. Our organizational clients tend to have a social purpose or see themselves as serving multiple bottom lines, and have leaders who are interested in working novel and emerging leadership and organizational approaches to foster healthy, transformative work environments. 




Abigail Lyman
Faculty, North America

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Becca Isbell
Marketing and Communications

Geoff Fitch
CEO, Co-Founder, Senior Faculty

Holly Harlan
Business Development

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John Wood
Faculty, South Pacific


Tamara Androsoff
Faculty, South Pacific


Kim Frerichs
Faculty, North America

Terri O'Fallon
Co-Founder, Senior Faculty


Nadia Waber
Faculty, Africa

thomas wi.jpg

Thomas McConkie
Faculty, North America

sheetal new sq.jpg

Sheetal Shah
Faculty, Africa


Wade Jackson
Guest Faculty, South Pacific

Partners and Collaborators

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