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Liberating the Collective Potential

Sign up to join a free seminar exploring our collective potential. This topic is central to the needs of today’s complex world and right at the heart of our work over the past 14 years of engagement with transformative change. In this seminar we will explore what we believe are the most important emerging capacities for the collaborative work of the future.

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We live in extraordinary times where many of us see growing complexity and uncertainty, and significant challenges. At the same time we feel a call towards awakening not just for ourselves but for human society as a whole. This emergence of a new potential is uniquely ours to engage with collectively, as we recognize the complexity of our challenges can no longer be met by centralized structures, power, or thinking. Yet, our ordinary approach to community and collective action often does not live up to the potential we sense and challenges we face.

What we have discovered is our collectives can develop the capacity to emerge into creative novelty together, as we open to the flow of energy, take responsibility for the subtle meaning and emotion that shapes our experience, and step into the groundless openness of our deeper being. As we learn to become collectively ‘self-aware’ and responsible, we can start to sense a deeper coherence, even beyond our stories and perspectives. It is out of this coherence that novel and creative action emerges. This experience is often intimate, inspiring, and fulfilling, while pointing to the potential for creativity that arises beyond the limits of our current cultural assumptions.

Tamara Androsoff, senior faculty from GTC South Pacific, and Geoff Fitch, co-founder and senior faculty, will be hosting the session and we’ll also hear from a couple of our Generating Transformative Change (GTC) program grads who are exploring the kind of collective emergence that we will discuss in this session.

We are excited for you to join us this summer for a continuation of our seminar series: Liberating the Emerging Future. We’ve designed the seminar series to be inspiring and informative but also practical. We hope you’ll come away from this session with new perspectives and practices that you can apply immediately in your life, relationships and organizations in ways that will liberate potential and support your own development. All sessions will be presented in live video on the Zoom platform and will include time for open Q&A with participants.

Past session topics include:

  • Breaking the Leadership Mold: Moving beyond Leaders and Followers

  • The Power of the Disorienting Dilemma: Embracing the Unknown, the Unwanted and the Impossible

  • Beyond Living Your Purpose: Following the Surprising Impulse of Stillness

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