GTC Grad Affiliate Resources


WELCOME to the program!

This letter includes suggestions for different ways of sharing about GTC, information about an upcoming information session and other ways of connecting GTC prospects with faculty. It also includes details about our thank you offer in return and some GTC updates we thought you might want to hear about.


To support you in inviting people to GTC, each grad can offer a discount voucher to prospective participants that is worth $300 off tuition.

For North American participants, the Affiliate Discount code is “gradfriend” and it is case sensitive.  

We ask for code on the same page as the payment plan and the Affiliate Discount will come out of the deposit—so instead of paying $500, it is a $200 deposit.




Talking about GTC can be difficult, especially with people who are in the midst of a transition. That is why we have worked hard on this conversation guide, which is chock full of questions, tips, and testimonials meant to help supplement a dialogue.


Traveling to a conference or attending a large event? Sometimes hand-outs are the easiest way to get information out about GTC. In those cases, we have prepared a few different PDFs for you to use.




We have videos, audio files, articles, and blog posts compiled that are great to share if your friends and family want to learn more about Pacific Integral or the Generating Transformative Change program.