GTC Information Sessions

The following are recordings from recent GTC Information Sessions.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

This follow up to our September 19th call (see below) is an intimate conversation with GTC faculty Geoff Fitch and Abigail Lynam and two guests on the call. We speak of the intention, history and philosophy of the work and engage in a personal dialog exploring our own experience of transformative growth and our learning edges.

00:00 - Welcome to the call (Geoff)
00:29 - Guided meditation (Abigail)
05:04 - Introductions, intentions, and questions
10:55 - Origins, intentions, and impacts of the GTC program (Geoff)
27:05 - Discussion and dialog
1:05:00 - Closing the call

September 19, 2018

A hour-and-half discussion of the GTC program and the dynamics of development and transformative change with GTC faculty, grads and you. On the call are GTC faculty Geoff Fitch, Abigail Lynam and Tamara Androsoff, as well as graduates Sushant Shrestha, Hedego Negash, Mike DeGreyter, and PI staff and grad, Holly Harlan.

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Welcome to the call (Geoff)
02:55 - Guided meditation (Abigail)
09:04 - Origins and intentions of the GTC program (Geoff)
15:50 - GTC Overview (Geoff)
19:35 - Practical details (Geoff)
21:40 - Developmentally informed, integration of inner and outer work, collective evolution (Abigail)
28:15 - Playing with individual and collective shadow in non-judgmental space (Tamara)
31:15 - Discussion and dialog
1:22:18 - Closing the call

Looking for the Next Step in Your Personal or Professional Development?

The source of all the great ideas presented in this seminar series is our nine-month certificate program, Generating Transformative Change (GTC). Since the first GTC program was offered in 2004, it has developed into one of the most powerful, awakening, and mature learning journeys available today. The curriculum incorporates a many-faceted approach to learning, including leading cognitive theory, experiential learning and supported experiments in new ways of being and affecting transformation. Our faculty bring decades of experience in education, psychology, business, leadership and adult development. Participants range in age from their 20's to 60's and attend from all over the world, exchanging ideas, learning from experience and sharing deep commonalities and wisdom.

According to research measures, our graduates leave our program leading, being, embodying and acting on average from one to two later stages of development than when they started. These later stages combine steady mindfulness of inner states, natural ability to see from multiple perspectives, altruism, new levels of creativity, and greater authenticity. These new ways of thinking and seeing allow participants to move through their personal and professional lives with fresh eyes and greater ease, while remaining in integrity with what is kind, just and true.

The transformations that you heard about in this seminar series are what is possible through participation in the GTC program. If you’re intrigued, we encourage you to learn more and apply to join us this year.

This short video provides a close look at what GTC is and how it accelerates individual development, from the participants and faculty in a recent GTC program.