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This 3-session seminar series covers some of the most surprising and game-changing ideas emerging in the world today in the field of personal and professional development. These talks have been designed to distill the very best and most interesting discoveries of the last 12 years of Pacific Integral's intensive development programs. The seminar is now over but you can get instant access to the recordings by signing up.


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Geoff Fitch MA,
Series Host,Pacific Integral

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Terri O'Fallon PhD, Co-Founder,Pacific Integral

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Abigail Lynam PhD,Pacific Integral

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Thomas McConkie, Pacific Integral Faculty

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Session 1:
Breaking the Leadership Mold: Moving Beyond Leaders and Followers

But first the concept of leadership must evolve beyond something that is merely imbued in individuals into a capacity innate in all humans. In this seminar we’ll discuss three new and important capacities that all of us need to develop to be able to rise to today’s challenges, whether in the work world, the political arena, or community work. These capacities that are seated in a transpersonal intelligence, beyond personal ego, deeply authentic, integrated, open, intimate and aware. And we’ll hear from a couple of individuals who exemplify this new kind of leadership. 

Presenters: Geoff Fitch MA and Abigail Lynam PhD
Recorded July 6, 2017

Session 2:
The Power of the Disorienting Dilemma: Embracing the Unknown, the Unwanted and the Impossible

We are living in an era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity driven by accelerating change—and even transformation. Many problems appear to us as so-called “wicked problems” that are difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing information. We often experience these as “disorienting dilemmas.” We feel overwhelmed and stuck in a situation that seems beyond our limits to solve or move through, given the ways we’ve operated in the past. These dilemmas often contain the seeds of transformation, of a new self, life or world that wants to emerge. Today these transformative dilemmas are happening at the personal, relational and societal levels. 

Pacific Integral’s work has revealed a roadmap for moving through disorienting dilemmas and ultimately discovering the deeper gifts in them. The essence of this is growing our capacity to see these dilemmas as a sign of the emergence of something that is not yet apparent. (It is sometimes said that the birth of the new is usually indistinguishable from a disaster when it is happening!) We’ll cover the 3 essential capacities needed to transform disorienting dilemmas into a creative relationship with emerging reality. And we’ll hear from a couple of individuals who will share their experience in how these new capacities can transform our ability to thrive in life and work. 

Presenters: Geoff Fitch MA and Abigail Lynam PhD
Recorded July 20, 2017

Session 3:
Beyond Living Your Purpose: Following the Surprising Impulse of Stillness

At some point in life, many of us feel called to find and live our life’s purpose in service of something greater than ourselves. This can be a profoundly liberating and meaningful step to take in life. But more often than not, we only get so far in this process before we feel stuck. How can I know my purpose and if I am living it? We’ve taken positive steps in our life but we feel like we are somehow falling short of what’s ultimately possible. Something deeper is eluding us. 

Pacific Integral’s work points to a deeper understanding of what it means to live a life grounded in and sourced from our deepest truth. We’ve found that it is less about what you do in the world and more about where your sense of truth and meaning is rooted in your life. In this session, we’ll discuss how to move beyond idealized images of living your purpose to discover, listen to, and be guided by the quiet but firm voice of truth at the still center of your being. Doing this often involves facing your own suffering and moving close to the heart of your life. And we’ll hear from a couple of individuals who discovered this deeper relationship to their life purpose and are living it joyously with big impact in the world. 

Presenters: Geoff Fitch MA and Thomas McConkie
Recorded August 8, 2017