Pacific integral is committed to the transformation and evolution of human consciousness in which we are aware of our responsibility for ourselves, each other, the whole of life, and existence. Our vision arises out of a desire for all humans to realize and share our collective capacity for kindness, generosity, innovation, brilliance, joy, wisdom, efficiency and health in response to the local, regional and global needs of one another and of the whole.

We mentor extraordinary visionary leaders and organizations from all sectors who are called to a more conscious, expansive, and collaborative version of life and leadership.

What we are discovering…

As we grow into expanded stages of consciousness, individually and as a species, existing ideas of leadership dissolve into fresh and radical views of what it means to take responsibility for our collective future both locally and globally. We begin to see that everyone benefits from our willingness to step forward in a healthy, full and free expression of our clearest, truest gifts. With this clarity, we bring our awareness to always new, practical, in the moment, sensory data, simultaneously aware of our connection with all of life, and aware of the multitude of resources that are available all around us. These capacities allow us to meet each new circumstance with a fresh creative response for the benefit of individuals, organizations, communities, nations and the planet.

We invite you to join us.