Leadership and Culture Development

The current landscape is shifting. Yet the need to impact the future is greater than ever. Visionary organizations can no longer afford to invest in culture and processes that are not fluid, effective, and aligned with their values and strategies. Today’s leaders must be able to navigate uncertainty while maintaining clarity and vision at every level.

For over two decades, we have been helping visionary leaders who long to create a future that they can proudly stand for - to craft a life and build an organization that is aligned with their core values and their deepest commitments. We have a long-standing track record of working with people and organizations to meet their complex challenges and opportunities. We help individuals and organizations decode complexities, and produce outstanding performance and extraordinary results.

We understand the tension between the desire to create a great company, to make a difference, to serve from a larger place in one’s soul – and the need to offer security to one’s family and employees. We work with leaders at the intersection of business strategy and the human element to build needed capacities, so you can thrive now and in the future.

A lack of congruence between the complexity of your situation and the capacity of the processes or people involved can limit the ability to see and seize opportunities. Stressed organizations are not able to be agile or fluid. By strategically addressing these issues, organizations are able to meet increasing levels of complexity with creativity and can leverage opportunities as they arise.


  • High caliber individuals, low functioning teams
  • Recurring issues or problems, increasing tension among leadership
  • Increasing focus on internal processes, rather than external opportunities


  • Leveraging and unleashing latent potential in individuals and the organization
  • Capacity building and leadership development
  • Transforming stuck processes or people
  • Broadening thinking and perspectives
  • Assessment and development of seven critical competencies of teams


  • New strategic insights and pathways
  • Less inter-personal and organizational conflict
  • More engaged, inspired leadership and staff
  • Quicker, better decisions Faster learning and adaptation to change




"Pacific Integral provided us with a training and coaching designed to meet our need to move a 450-person organization from a closed, loyalty-based system with lots of silos to a more inclusive, mission-oriented, and cooperative organization, that valued and reward competence and integrity.  We faced huge obstacles and had great successes.  Many of the participants, including myself, received life-altering experiences, insights, and practices from the initiative that Pacific Integral spearheaded during a multi-year transformational effort. – Henry Richards, former Administrator, Special Commitment Center