GTC Graduate Community

Over 300 people have graduated from GTC world-wide. The community of GTC graduates consists of extraordinary people from around the world, who share a desire to live a life of purpose and depth and to participate in a renewal and joyous expression of our human endeavor. 



The GTC experience creates deep bonds and lasting relationships with fellow cohort mates. Many cohorts continue to make connections, meet online and in retreat, and to seed and harvest their community as a source of support and continued learning.  


Through online groups, facilitated connections, and periodic events, GTC grads can meet and engage with each other online. Grads who are seeking support, partnership, or resources can contact us and we will curate connections.

GRAD Reunions

Local communities in North America, South Pacific, and Africa, hold regular reunions where grads can gather in retreat, deepen connections, and celebrate together. If you are in North America, join us this year for 2018 Grad Reunion and Conference.