Liberating the Deep Potential of Human Being

Over the past 14 years, through over twenty-eight programs delivered on three continents, GTC has developed into one of the most powerful, awakening, and mature learning journeys available today. GTC graduates are extraordinary professionals of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and from many parts of the world. They share a common desire.... to transform themselves, their organizations, communities and our human consciousness, motivated by a vision of a more beautiful, equitable and sustainable future for all.

When you join one of our programs, you will meet other individuals who are awakening to new versions of self, relationship, systems, conception, innovation and the spirit of love for the whole. You will complete GTC with more awareness, aliveness, and vision for your own role in bringing about positive evolution for planetary life. And you will leave with the practical knowledge, skills and a community of support, to help make your vision a reality.


GTC Africa (Generating Transformative Change) is a proven, leading edge, research-based leadership development program, which supports participants in growing and expanding to become effective leaders who facilitate transformation in their professional and personal lives.

The GTC is made applicable for Africa, using participants’ own cases, together with universally applicable methodologies and theories. GTC is uniquely relevant to African participants because of the depth and breadth of experience, learning and growth that it brings. Such depth and breadth of learning is required to address the complex leadership challenges of executives and professionals living in emerging economies in the continent that need to be sustained on the one hand, and the tribulations poverty bring on the other.

Vision of a Resilient Africa


Many countries in Africa are envisioning becoming a middle income economy with equitable and sustainable growth and development that balances the economic aspirations of its citizens, while also ensuring harmony between cultural integrity and environmental and natural resources sustainability. Realizing such vision requires executives and professionals, in both the public and private sectors and all disciplines, who have leadership capacities and competences of breadth and depth offered by programs like the GTC.

The depth and breadth of competences and capacities you acquire from the GTC combine self-development, organizational development, and systemic impact with deepening of purpose. When having a vision and a strategy are not enough, high-functioning, resilient and transformative leaders with such capacities are required to respond to complexity and challenges.

specific outcomes of gtc africa


This programme will enable you to think and act as a transformative leader who will:

  • Lead teams more effectively, and exceed targets, by creating alignment and ownership amongst team members,
  • Have the skills and tools to communicate with and create an innovative and viable organization that contributes to the economy, beyond baseline plans of profitability and results,
  • Develop the capacities and competencies to respond to the ever-increasing demands from volatile and uncertain circumstances,
  • Contribute to your sector beyond the confines of your organizations, in a collaborative spirit,
  • Speed up the process of adult development beyond one’s imagined limits and expectations, for the benefit of the self, one’s community, organization and further,
  • Discover additional insights and perspectives about yourself and what is possible
  • Have the ability to embrace and honour Culture, while transforming it, i.e. living in one’s culture, while being current and positioning ourselves for the future, in a fast-moving world,
  • Have the space to nurture aspirations for contributions to a bigger organizational, societal or global transformation,
  • Hold a dialogue into Africa’s and humanity’s most pressing challenges, including poverty, injustice, governance, environmental sustainability, and competing worldviews.
  • Have more capacity to manage the self, and have congruence when dealing with inner turmoils, thus aligning your own intentions, speaking and action.

Other benefits include:

  • Access a worldwide network and vibrant learning community of transformative leaders and resources.
  • Certificate from Pacific Integral, U.S.A., on Integral Transformative Leadership.



"GTC for me is not only an experience, but a forum that helped me look back comfortably, pause and look forward with no fear or doubt. It helped me see a new world that I wouldn’t have ever never be able to see had not it been for these great theories, great timing, great delivery system, and great faculty!"
—Baraki Zellasie 



Nadia Waber is co-founder of GTC Africa and has 17 years of experience in facilitating systems and organization change, leadership development, cross-cultural training, executive coaching and communication. She has worked with women, youth, entrepreneurs, senior-level managers from not-for-profit organizations, civil servants, UN agencies and teams from diverse backgrounds in the rural and urban settings in Africa, to engage in peace building, leadership development and capacity building processes. Nadia resides in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

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Sheetal Shah is an inspiring and creative facilitator in the areas of value based leadership, communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, ethics and authenticity. Over the past 17 years, she has worked with senior-level managers from the corporate sector, not-for-profit organizations, UN agencies and teams from diverse multicultural backgrounds. Currently pursuing a Master Degree in Consulting and Coaching For Change at Oxford University and HEC School of Management in Paris, Sheetal is fluent in English, Hindi and Gujarati. She resides in Nairobi, Kenya.

For Questions

For questions about upcoming GTC Africa programs or transformative leadership development in Africa, contact Nadia Waber or Sheetal Shah

Nadia Waber, tel. 00251 (0)911 22 15 05

Sheetal Shah, Tel. +254 (0)720 92 77 99