Terri O'Fallon

Learning and change in human systems has been a lifelong pursuit for Terri O’Fallon. In service of this life-long passion Terri has completed her PhD in Integral Studies with a concentration in "Learning and Change in Human Systems"; she is a certified scorer of the Leadership MAP, developed by Susanne Cook-Greuter as well as a certified Spiritual Director. In combination with Terri's years of experience with human systems of all kinds, these capacities give her the knowledge and skill to design and support the core developmental trajectory and span of human systems, including individuals, and organizations of all kinds.

Early in her career, Terri launched a nonprofit private corporation and later, she assisted with the initiation of a new medical center giving her valuable experience in the early stages of business design and working with stakeholders. Her many years as an executive director and various administrative positions in public schools, including superintendencies and a principalship developed her capacity to design evolving meta systems and contexts which support transformational change in a variety of human systems.

Graduating with a Masters degree in Special Education with honors, Terri developed her capacities as an adult educator on various fronts, teaching courses for seven colleges and universities throughout the years. Her skill as a consultant in six public schools across the nation resulted in the transformation of several inner city schools.

She completed her PhD in Integral Studies, “Learning and change in Human systems”, in 1998 at The California Institute for Integral Studies. She was a faculty member for CIIS in the Transformative Learning and Change Program for the 8 years and has specialized in delivering PhD graduate studies using online networks with participants worldwide. One of her areas of expertise lies in building online and face-to-face learning communities, and teaching dialogic approaches to making new knowledge. She has also developed capacities in designing and delivering graduate degree programs. Terri is presently completing her Masters in Spiritual Direction and is a Certified Counselor by the State of Washington.

Ongoing is Terri’s mentoring of PhD dissertation research for students of the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. evolving her own skill as a researcher and her capacities to develop transformative research designs. This is supporting her most recent research which involves the later emerging levels of adult development and how individuals and organizations move their core capacities to wider frames. In keeping with this, Terri is able to use Leadership MAP to design or support a developmental trajectory of increasing capacities for human systems, including individuals and organizations.

Terri was affiliated with Integral Strategy Group as a consultant and facilitator. She is certified in Dynamic Facilitation, Level one and two Spiral Dynamics and Level two, SD Natural Design; Second Tier Leadership. She is presently a supportive member of the Integral Education committee and she is also a certified spiritual director.

Terri’s Primary interest lies in the design and implementation of conscious developmental ecologies, her research on the interpenetration of the state and developmental structure stages, and consulting within the framework of Pacific Integral. She resides in Issaquah, Washington and enjoys daily hiking, music, yoga and the pursuit of her current learning, writing, and research passions.

Moving without a mover—doing without a doer—thinking without a thinker—these are all terms that many of us have heard, and may be intrigued with or aspire to. In addition, there seems to be a strong experience many of us are curious about related to adult developmental levels. What does it mean to be at teal, at turquoise, at Indigo? And how do these experiences of awareness and developmental capacities interpenetrate? What is their embodiment, and how do they inform my day to day life? Such etherial questions to hold and yet it has been my experience and belief that it is common to get caught up in our whirling day to day experience, and unconsciously diminish ourselves by low expectations, which we might actually mistake for high expectations. Perhaps any expectations are “low” however, for expectations frame exactly what we are looking for, and when useful apprehensions happen outside of the focus of our expectations and our beliefs, we often don’t see or experience them at all, being blind to their presence because we are focused “left” and they may be coming from the “right”.

I sense that this balance between development and awareness opens up our field of experience and learning where we can hold a broad and deep awareness that is also piercing; piercing through these hidden expectations that perhaps bind us. I sense the value of lightness in our being while placing ourselves in a “training wheels” ecology that helps us hold this developmental and awareness balance in an uncapped way, so our capacities, talents, abilities, awareness, passions and contributions can be naturally released into the world.

I have dedicated much of my life to the art and science of evolving ecologies, or containers, or communities, or contexts or structures that can hold individuals and groups in this uncapped balance for a time, until we learn to do without and become our own homeopathic drop in the ocean of humanity.