GTC Community Calls

The following are recordings from recent GTC Community Calls.

October, 2019

Supporting GTC’s Evolution

Geoff Fitch, Abigail Lynam

For this call, we invite you to join us in a conversation about the evolution of GTC. North American faculty and South Pacific faculty will be meeting in November to share our learning and to explore ways to support GTC’s evolution and development. We would love to have your contributions to this conversation. Some questions we explored on the call:

  • When you think about your experience in GTC, what would you like to see strengthened, updated, deepened, or extended?

  • In the context of our times, what is GTC offering, and how might we serve more deeply and with greater transformative impact?

  • What emerging trends are you seeing that GTC might include or respond to?

  • What is your dream and hope for GTC?

  • What has the post-GTC experience been like for you and your cohort and what would support that process?

If you were unable to join us for the call, please listen and share your thoughts with us by email!

July, 2019

Climate Change: Grief, Breakdown, Breakthrough

Simon Divecha, Abby Ruskey, and Abigail Lynam

We join in conversation with Simon (GTC SP 1), Abby (GTC 14), and Abigail (GTC 5 & 7, GTC Faculty), for a conversation about living in this time of systems breakdown and the evolutionary pressures for breakthrough. We explored the realities of climate change and ecological collapse, how we can meet this reality and be open to it, and respond to it in a way that is transformative. This is perhaps one of the most important conversations we can have as a community. Please take a listen and send us your thoughts.

Simon, Abby, and Abigail wanted to share Some resources, information, and avenues to action:

June, 2019

Technology and Consciousness

Rochelle Fairfield, Scott Nelson, Sushant Shrestha

We were joined this month by three of our Vancouver GTC friends who are doing extraordinary leading-edge work in technology, consciousness and societal change. Sushant Shrestha, GTC 15A, Rochelle Fairfield, GTC 12 & 16, and Scott Nelson, GTC 17, for a fascinating exploration of the implications of technology and consciousness for the future of our world. Technology is intertwined with every aspect of our lives. The ubiquity of technology offers so many advantages and yet presents just as many challenges! The speed at which emerging information and communication technologies are growing far out paces our capacity to predict the effects it will have in our lives as well as on society as a whole.

Some references shared by Sushant, Rochelle, and Scott:

During the call Jim Doherty mentioned the Hyppocratic Oath for AI practitioners, created by Oren Etizioni at the Allen Institute

May, 2019


Laura Johnson and Katie Teague

We had a deeply moving conversation about grief this past weekend for the May community call. Grief is a part of life, present if we awaken to the beauty and transience of everything we love. This call made that very present and real, and left us in touch with a sense of reverence for life. Thank you to all those present and those who are with us in other ways.

In this call, Are you caring for someone ill or aging? Have you experienced a loss of a loved one? What is your relationship to grieving? I have lost both of my parents. Dear family members are aging. Lately, my own gateway to grief comes as I realize that all live is a continuous flow of arising and falling away and that every thing I care for is fleeting. In a grief ritual I held recently, we invite each other to be with the stem, "I remember..." What do you remember? 

Joining us for this conversation were Laura Johnson (GTC 1 and 12) and Katie Teague (GTC 4) as they share their own stories of grief and invite us to be in a space together to hold this essential experience of life. 

April, 2019

Deliberately Developmental Community: Developmental Practice in Education

Jennifer Haynes

In this call, we explored how we can apply integral, developmental approaches through a whole system, highlighting the work of GTC grad Jennifer Haynes, who is Principal of the Brisbane Independent School (BIS). The school is recognized as a leading Integral School and integrates developmental theory and practice in every aspect of its operation, from classroom design, to matching the teacher’s development to the student’s, to developmentally assessing students every six months and moving them between grades accordingly.

Jennifer began implementing the STAGES Development Model into the BIS framework 8 years ago. As Jennifer shared “the process has been transformational for BIS as a community, shifting traditional modes of understanding schooling, childhood, adulthood, and teaching. It demands all of us to see how our construction of self formulates the experience of self for the little ones. At graduation, the adult population at our school leaves with as much trepidation as the students, because they have experienced the way that being in a deliberately developmental community acknowledges the individual as a co-creator of the collective.”

March, 2019

Hunhu Heart Project - Our World - From the Inside Out

Molly Madziva and Greg Flynn

With the Hunhu Heart Project, Molly Madziva (GTC 16a) and Greg Flynn (GTC 6 + 16a) are continuing to evolve a project that began in 2016. It started as a small group collaboration in their cohort, with the explicit intention to trust and attune to the impulse of creativity that opens new ways of deepening connection in the world, from the inside out.

In this call, they step into another layer of that evolution. Together we stepped, with intention, into the space that is Hunhu - I am because You are. They gave an overview of this beautiful Shona philosophy that Molly has brought us from her homeland of Zimbabwe, and explore some questions within our own hearts, as well as in the heart of the community. They space followed an intention to continue to walk each other home, connecting with each step from the inside out.

February, 2019

Welcome, and update on PI, GTC, and Grad Community Initiatives

Geoff Fitch, Abigail Lynam, Holly Harlan, Mike De Greyter

Our first Grad community call of 2019. We took time to give a little update on Pacific Integral, GTC, and Grad Community initiatives. Then we spent time in small group discussions connecting with each other and exploring two questions: What is something that GTC awakened in you that is alive for you today? and, What would it take for the Grad community to be a force for transformation in your life? The small group discussions were not recorded, so what you see in the following videos are the update at the beginning of the call and some group reflection and sharing after the second breakout session on the topic of the possibilities for this community.

Exploring the Potential of this Community